Editor’s Guide: How to be single on February 14th

Editor’s Guide: How to be single on February 14th

If you have read our 10 things you didn’t know about Valentine’s Day blog you will know that this glorious day is also known as Singles Awareness Day, or SAD if you like. A slightly unfortunate acronym, nevertheless this name was given to February 14th by…well, a single person, let’s be honest. But it’s about time the single voices were heard above all the kissing and cuddling and card writing. What do our indie heroes do on such a day as February 14th? Well, if you are indeed a lone lover today, and you’re facing an evening of wall-staring and one pair of chopsticks…fear not. The beautiful editors here at Paradise Heights have submitted their very best advice to surviving a single Valentine’s.

Here is how to be single on February 14th…

– Adopt a kitten! – Laurie

– Have a ‘date night’ with your best friend! Get in loads of indulgent snacks (and maybe a tipple or two!), change into your comfiest pjs, and watch your fav movie – the type a guy would never sit through, especially as you like to rewind and re-watch the BEST bit (am thinking the end to Dirty Dancing!). Then stay up gossiping and giggling way into the night. Who needs men! – Jo

– Love isn’t confined to romantic relationships – think of your favourite people (friends, sisters) who you also love and spend it with them! Especially important to set yourself a budget and buy each other presents too! Failing that, just get drunk with your friends and slag off bad boyfriends of times past – who needs them anyway! – Flo

– Recreate iconic Bridget Jones scene from comfort of own sofa: drink red wine, eat shameful amounts of ice cream from tub, and beat invisible drums along to ‘All By Myself’. No weeping. – Charlotte

– Watch (and/or read) every version of Pride and Prejudice that exists. There’s no better man to spend Valentine’s Day with than the ultimate romantic hero — Mr Darcy! – Laura

– Watch anything with Ryan Gosling in it. Now you’re single, he could be your next boyfriend. No, really. – Sally

– Get a boyfriend pillow – Laurie

– Spend the day star-fishing in your bed, making perfect cups of tea, drinking strawberry milkshake out of the carton, leaving the loo seat down… and generally reminding yourself of the domestic bliss that is singledom. – Clio

– Make my kids cook, open champagne; find a good movie that has a gorgeous action hero in it – Lesley

– Practice flirting with yourself in the mirror – will be most effective after half a bottle of wine. You’re a cheap date! – Clio 

– Throw an Anti-Valentine’s Day party, a la the movie Valentine’s Day, and whack heart-shaped piñatas. – Laurie

– Buy a husky that can say ‘I love you’ – Kathryn

So there we go…pets, piñatas and practising flirting with yourself. Sound advice i’m sure you’ll agree. 

What are your best tips for someone single on the dreaded day? Tell us in the comments section below…