Competition: It’s the Pirate Life for us!

Competition: It’s the Pirate Life for us!

Ahoy Mills & Boon lovers! Pull up ye anchors, set ye compass due north and feel th’ wind in ye hair – this day be th’official Talk Like a Pirate Day!

And to celebrate ‘tis most special o’ occasions, we on th’ M&B Historical team are comin’ over all scurvy pirate!

So, here be our top ten tips fer gettin’ into th’ spirit o’ thin’s:

  1. Put on ye tattered eyepatch – no female pirate be complete without a suitable accessory.
  2. Find a trusty parrot to borrow fer th’ day – just as long as ye have a plentiful supply o’ crackers.
  3. Grab a bottle o’ spiced rum – but we’ll forgive ye if ye’d rather champagne.
  4. Practise ye buccaneer ditties – ‘n’ annoy th’ neighbours by singin’ “Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum” ‘til th’ wee hour.
  5. Get out ye best jewels – make sure ye dazzle with rubies ‘n’ diamonds galore.
  6. Make ye enemy walk the plank – if ye can’t do it this day when can ye do it?
  7. Take a trip to th’ tattoo parlour – and have a skull ‘n’ crossbones painted proudly on ye shoulder.
  8. Find th’ nearest ship ‘n’ sweet speak th’ cap’n into givin’ ye a cruise down th’ Thames.
  9. Take ye favourite Mills & Boon book wit’ ye to keep ye entertained durin’ them long days at sea!
  10. Grab th’ closest thin’ to Johnny Depp ye can find ‘n’ drag him below deck to shiver ye timbers!

So, we hope we’ve got ye in th’ mood fer all thin’s pirate! If so, make sure ye check out “The Pirate Hunter”, th’ fantastic debut by Laura Martin which be out ’tis month. Click here to read a sneak excerpt!

Now, fer all ye scurvy pirate lovers out thar, we be runnin’ a special competition this day.

Tell us, who or what would ye most like to find at th’ end o’ ye treasure map? Our favourite 3 answers will win a free e-copy of “The Pirate Hunter” for their swashbuckling delight!

Farewell me hearties, and jolly luck in th’ competition!


The M&B Historical Team