Coffee and Cake with Heidi Rice

Coffee and Cake with Heidi Rice

We caught up with the lovely Heidi Rice recently, author of the new So Now You’re Back (Mira, Feb 2016). Having teased us with the premise of it being The Great British Bake Off meets Sweet Home Alabama by way of Modern Family we were keen to get further inside her mind!

Heidi says she first came up with the idea for the book when she read a news story about Nigella Lawson. With her privacy being invaded at every turn, Heidi started to wonder about what it must be like to be her. It took her roughly eight months to complete the manuscript and what we have is definitely a great read, featuring everything from exes and couple’s retreats to divorcing celebs… and of course, cooking.

Heidi does most of her writing in her study at home in Islington, which she says is full of books and movies. She was a film reviewer for 20 years and still writes for some popular publications, although we hope she’ll write more books because secretly, Heidi admits, they’re more interesting than some of the B-movies she’s had to write about in the course of her career!

Having written numerous series titles, such as 10 Rules to Sex Up a Blind Date and Beach Bar Baby, Heidi bit the bullet and asked if she could try her hand at penning some standalones for Harlequin. “They’re a lot harder,” she tells us, “you have to think a lot more about plot structure,” but thankfully for us she’s a natural and now has a two-book contract with another title out in February 2017.

When it comes to her writing inspiration, Heidi loves Kate Meader’s books, featuring hot Chicago firemen (we’ll have to check those out) and when it comes to choosing a real-life male star for a movie version of one of her own books, she’d choose Bradley Cooper, without a moment’s thought. He’s what she determines as ‘relaxed sexy’. With those piercing eyes we can definitely agree, though we wouldn’t so much relax as we would melt in his presence! (Someone make a movie of one of Heidi’s books, please!)

Thanks so much for talking to us Heidi, and best of luck with the new title, So Now You’re Back. Check out Heidi’s other books here!