Clare Connelly talks all things Royal Weddings!

Clare Connelly talks all things Royal Weddings!

I think for most people the idea of finding a soul mate, getting married and living happily ever after is something we grow up aspiring to. Why do royal weddings capture our hearts and imaginations so completely? Because it shows that beyond the jewels, power, wealth and prestige, these are people just like us! It’s particularly charming, in this generation of Windsors, to see both Princes find their matches from women who aren’t of royal or privileged backgrounds. Diana was the people’s princess, renowned for her ability to relate to everyone she met. How heartwarming it is to see her sons following in her footsteps, looking beyond rank and position and each finding their ‘happily ever after’ with lovely, down-to-earth, ‘ordinary’ women. It’s impossible to say with any certainty, but I think Diana would have been so very proud of her sons, and their choices.

Royal weddings are such a beautiful occasion!

I adored Kate and William’s courtship – they were so well-suited, and it seemed so organic, that they fell in love whilst away at university – and that they enjoyed a decent level of privacy during this time! I wept when they briefly separated, but thank heavens, William came to his senses. That moment when their engagement was announced, I’ll always remember for three reasons. Kate’s parents were utterly adorable, thrust into the limelight as they were, so clearly thrilled, and I like to let my writerly imagination run away with me, to imagine that in the Middletons, William might enjoy a more relaxed family environment. Then, there was the engagement ring – I can’t type this without welling up. What a beautiful tilt of the cap to Princess Diana – and they’ve continued to honor this tradition with small gestures that always keep the late Princess in the forefront of our minds. But there was Kate, as well. Kate who had grown up like any of us, who was to become a Duchess, and who spoke with such poise and calm, so clearly perfect for this new role!

Let’s not forget, though, Mary and Frederick, whose wedding I stayed up late into the night to watch. Mary being Australian made this particularly resonant for me, as did their low-key relationship, having met during a bar, like so many of us met our partners! Their wedding was just beautiful – again, Mary had such incredible poise and elegance as she undertook her vows. And there was handsome Prince Frederick, getting teary, beside her. Gah, it’s all too lovely!

Now we have Harry and Megan’s nuptials to look forward to. Harry is such a favourite of mine – as he is of most people, I think. He’s the embodiment of a modern-day prince. Handsome and charming, funny, with more than enough cheek! But he’s honourable and dutiful as well, serving his country in the military, and going on to establish the Invictus games. He’s just lovely, and I wish him and Megan every happiness together. Now, it’s simply a matter of waiting to see what the dress will be like!


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