Christmas with Robin Gianna

Christmas with Robin Gianna

Author Robin Gianna has a busy festive season ahead. Here she is on how she’ll be spending the holidays, when she’s not busy scribbling the books we love that is…

This Christmas I will mostly be juggling a lot of demands on my time, all of which I’m happy about, but sometimes get a little wearying!  🙂

First, my children and I will be putting up the Christmas tree (my husband now happily leaves it to us!).  I’ll be working to finish a duet of books to get to my editor before the holiday break, and in the midst of that there will be cookie baking and shopping and present wrapping. And my daughter wants to make handmade soaps to give this year, so that should be an adventure! 

We’ll get together on Christmas Eve at my father-in-law’s home before going to church. 

Then Christmas morning with just the five of us, which I love.  Later, we’ll join a big gathering of family and friends at my husband’s aunt and uncle’s house.  After all that hustle, bustle and joy?  We’ll be heading on a ski trip! 

My two older children have been busy the past few years with college and other commitments, so we haven’t had a ski trip together in quite some time. Both of these photos are from a few years back—my kids are almost all grown up, with my youngest now 17.  I treasure every moment we’re all together, now, because it doesn’t happen nearly often enough anymore.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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