Celebrating Sisterhood This International Women’s Day

Celebrating Sisterhood This International Women’s Day

This Sunday 8th March is International Women’s Day – a day to celebrate all the achievements of women! We’re proud to publish romance that is by women, for women; and to celebrate that sense of sisterhood, we’ve asked our lovely authors to tell us more about the women within the Mills & Boon community that have inspired them.


I’ve been told that silk, in its own way, is as strong as steel, and the women I write with at Mills & Boon give me an example of that supportive strength. It’s great to have friends who understand each others’ sad days, and who celebrate successes together.

Liz Tyner

I started my Mills & Boon writing journey by entering the So You Think You Can Write contest. That community of aspiring authors – many of whom are published Mills & Boon authors today! – were kind and supportive in a way that still stays with me. It was a contest – technically, we were competing with one another – but we all just wanted each other to succeed. I think that’s a pretty good example of the Mills & Boon writing community. Advice, support and encouragement are everywhere you turn. I’m so grateful to be a part of it.

Therese Beharrie

I wouldn’t be writing romance without the friendship, encouragement and support of one, quite outstandingly generous author, the late Penny Jordan. When Penny offered ‘A Day With An Author’ as an auction lot at a charity event I had no idea that we were not only destined to become close friends, but that Penny would support me tirelessly through the birth pangs of learning to transfer the thoughts and feelings in my heart and in my head into a book. Penny helped many authors and I know we all miss her deeply.

Susan Stephens

Writing can be a very lonely activity. I am thankful for having such great connections with the Mills & Boon Historical authors because they are so encouraging and supportive and they ‘get’ exactly where I’m coming from because they are in that same place too as historical authors. We can talk about the industry and the market and share research and get excited for each other in ways our non-writing friends and family can’t always do.

Bronwyn Scott

The community of Mills & Boon authors has been a blessing to me for many, many reasons. We have so much in common by being authors for the same world renown publishing firm. We feel honored and excited to be a part of it. I love this community. Everyone cares about everyone and takes on each other’s burdens. I’m honored and touched to be a part of it. I love my editors too. We often share and it enriches my life.

Rebecca Winters

I love my fellow Medical authors. They may live thousands of miles away, many on different continents, but they are my support sisters. We have shared happy times, sad times and confessions as well as given advice. On one of my visits to London my friends took me under their wings and showed me around, even having me to their home. It is a sisterhood I never imagined having when I started writing.

Susan Carlisle