Celebrating Kate Hardy’s 100th Book!

Celebrating Kate Hardy’s 100th Book!

We are beyond thrilled to be publishing Kate Hardy’s 100th (!!) book. Kate writes romances that are full of warmth, heart and charm and novel 100, Tempted By Her Fake Fiancé is no different.

The wonderful Kate joins us on our blog to chat about her writing journey and what this milestone means to her.


If someone had told me when I sold my first M&B that, twenty years later, I’d have written five million words, won three awards (and got a hug from Darcey Bussell) and be publishing my 100th romance, I’m not entirely sure I would’ve believed it!

It started when I read my first M&B, aged 13; I’d always known that I wanted to write, but Sara Craven’s ‘The Devil at Archangel’ made me realise I wanted to write romance. I tried in my 20s (and didn’t realise that a four-page rejection letter doesn’t mean ‘never darken our doorstep again’). When my 6-week-old daughter spent her first Christmas in hospital with bronchiolitis, I started writing my first Medical, ‘A Baby of Her Own’ at her bedside. It was accepted on her first birthday, published on her second (with a launch party at Ottakar’s, now Waterstones), and this week I’m having a launch party for #100 in exactly the same place.

But writing that number of books doesn’t happen in isolation. Without readers buying my books, I wouldn’t be able to do the job I love. Without a good editor to point out where I’ve got carried away and need to cut, the books wouldn’t sparkle. Without good writing friends to bounce ideas against when I’ve written myself into a corner and know the book doesn’t work, I’d be stuck (and I do the same for them). And without my husband and children being happy to join me in research (I think they’ve just about forgiven me for the 30,000 steps I made them walk on one day in Paris), my settings wouldn’t be so vivid! I’m very grateful you’re all in my life. Thank you.

In one of my books, you’ll get warmth, heart and charm. You’ll learn something new. I’ll probably make you cry at one point, laugh at others, and feel all warm and fuzzy at the happy ending. My favourite reader letter ever was from someone who said she reads my books when having a bad day, because it made her feel the world was a better place. It’s a privilege to do that.

I try to keep my stories fresh and different, though the ‘fake fiancé’ is my absolute favourite trope, so I wanted that for Book #100. It’s set in Norfolk, my home county and my favourite place (particularly the bluebell woods).  My previous job was in marketing, so I borrowed that for my heroine. My Edit-paw-ial Assistants, Archie and Dexter, were a bit put out at not being included, but their special job is to keep my feet warm and be a barrier between me and my cross-stitching when I’m on deadline.

There’s an important piece of jewellery in the book, so I commissioned a local jeweller to make me a very special pendant to commemorate Book #100. The stone’s a tanzanite (you’ll have to read the book to see where that comes in) and it’s my favourite stone – and also that of my favourite cousin, who was able to celebrate with me when the book was accepted, but sadly died in November.

The future? I’m currently writing a snowy castle in Scotland (and I promise I didn’t ask for the recent weather as research – I *hate* snow!) and debating about how much nerdiness I can get away with…

Thank you for being part of my journey to book #100, and I hope you enjoy Elle and Charlie’s story!


A note from Kate’s Editor, Laurie:

Huge congratulations to Kate Hardy on 100 wonderful books! I’ve worked with Kate many times over the years and it’s a delight to be her editor once again. I’m privileged to have edited her gorgeous 100th book, Tempted by Her Fake Fiancé. Filled to the brim with Kate’s beautiful descriptions, you’ll find yourself right there in the bluebells, on the beach accepting a dazzling proposal and singing at dawn with the cows! Readers can expect a fun, emotional journey, a fabulous flirtation and, of course, a sweet and uplifting happy-ever-after! Congratulations on your 100th book, Kate—we look forward to many more 😊


Tempted By Her Fake Fiancé by Kate Hardy

In Kate Hardy’s 100th book, marketing executive Elle must put her childhood home on the map by helping manager Charlie promote Bluebell Farm as a wedding venue. Ignoring their chemistry isn’t easy—especially when they become the focus of the campaign and everyone is convinced their posed engagement is real! And when the lines blur Elle’s tempted to dream it could be too…

Read now in eBook or in paperback which also features Unbuttoning The Tuscan Tycoon by Michelle Douglas