Celebrating Incredible Women This Mother’s Day

Celebrating Incredible Women This Mother’s Day

This year, Mother’s Day has fallen in the same week as International Women’s Day and there’s never been a better time to celebrate the amazing achievements of women and the incredible work our loved ones do.

In this piece, we’ve rounded up some up our top titles that celebrate motherhood and offer busy women a much-needed escape! Is there a better way to spend an hour or two away from reality and be swept into a wonderful fictional world?



1. From Single Mum to Secret Heiress by Kristi Gold (Desire)

When single mum Hannah Armstrong opens the door to lawyer Logan Whittaker, her jaw drops – and not just because he’s beyond handsome.

Apparently, she’s heir to the Lassiter fortune! She must now work with Logan, but, as things heat up, their business affair soon turns into something more personal…


2. Tempted by the Single Mum by Caroline Anderson (Medical)

New start, new life… New family?

After a lifetime of putting others first, GP Nick Cooper is craving his fresh start in Yoxburgh – it’s time to discover what he wants. And that’s his beautiful new colleague, Ellie Kendal! But Ellie comes as a package deal, and as a devoted single mum of three she’s nothing like anyone he’s ever met before! His head warns him to hold back, even though his heart already belongs to them all…


3. Second Chance for the Single Mum by Sophie Pembroke (True Love)  – and recent #RNA nominee for Shorter Romance Novel Award!  

She’s the one that got away… Now, could the future be theirs?

Gwen Phillips wears her smile like a mask. Focusing on her daughter and late husband’s foundation and burying her pain deep. Then maverick rugby legend Ryan Phillips walks back into her life, determined to shake off his failure to live up to his estranged brother’s golden reputation. He’s the one man who can bring back the joy Gwen’s been hiding from – if she’ll give him the chance…


4. Coming soon! A Proposal for the Unwed Mother by Lauri Robinson (Historical)

A second chance…with his first love?

New York businessman Connor McCormick’s heart was broken when his sweetheart, Jenny Sommers, disappeared seven years ago. Now, Connor is unexpectedly reunited with Jenny – and discovers she’s a midwife to pregnant runaways and a single mother herself. Winning Jenny’s trust when she’s wary of depending on anyone and protective of her daughter won’t be easy, but Connor isn’t about to walk away when she needs him…


5. The Surprise Families Collection

Indulge in The Surprise Families Collections featuring the books: Against the Odds, Proving their Love, Their Perfect Surprise, Written in the Stars, The Perfect Family and Baby Makes Three.

From surprise pregnancies, to building the perfect family, we adore this heart-warming collection about finding love against the odds.



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