Carol Marinelli introduces The Billionaire’s Legacy series

Carol Marinelli introduces The Billionaire’s Legacy series

This month we’re publishing the first book in The Billionaire’s Legacy miniseries, Di Sione’s Innocent Conquest. Read below to find out author Carol Marinelli‘s thoughts about writing the book and the importance of finding the perfect dress for her heroine.

I loved writing the first book in the fabulous The Billionaire’s Legacy series and I can’t wait to read them all. The Di Sione brothers and sisters are wealthy and glamorous but behind the rich exterior lies a lot of damage and pain and the press are very quick to judge them. Because of that my heroine, Abby, knew from the start exactly what she dealing with — a very reprobate hero!

Each story contains a different Lost Mistress. You shall have to read them to fully understand but my particular Lost Mistress was a stunning emerald necklace that Matteo needed to get back for his grandfather. The problem was, it was now in Abby’s father’s hands.

Before I started working on their story I went with my good friend, and wonderful author, Anne Gracie, to a display being held about wedding dresses through the ages. I love anything to do with weddings, especially dresses. I took loads of photos. One I loved was the dress Gwyneth Paltrow wore in the movie Emma. There was also a Miss Haversham display that made me tear up! When I started working on this story I decided that no wedding dress would be needed (weddings can be rather tricky to organize at the start of a continuity I have found).

Well, I got near to the end of the story. Abby was to be dressed up and wearing the stunning necklace, just as disaster hit. Although I wasn’t looking for a wedding dress for Abby, I did check my photos for necklines and things. The Gwyneth dress, I decided, wouldn’t be suitable, although the neckline would show off the necklace nicely but Abby’s bust was too big. Then I remembered the Miss Haversham display and it reminded me of Abby, all dressed up and yet so lonely, dejected and sad. If you do read the book, when you see the Miss Haversham line, you’ll now know my thought process behind it. Actually, I have no process!

I love choosing what my hero and heroine are wearing but it has to right for their personality, for example, the Gwyneth dress is more suitable for the heroine that I am currently writing. Oh, and because I have no process, there was a wedding at the end. You’ll have to read it to see the dress I chose for Abby!

Happy reading,


Carol x