Blaze Series Hottest Moments by Regina Kyle

Blaze Series Hottest Moments by Regina Kyle

Some like it hot . . . and some like it hotter! I’m definitely in the hotter camp, so I guess it’s no surprise that when I put figurative pen to figurative paper and set out to write a romance, I targeted Mills & Boon’s steamiest line – Blaze.  I read A LOT of Blaze books on my path to publication (and I still read a lot, of course), so when I was asked to write a short, fun, sexy blog post, it seemed only natural to look back through my Kindle and pick my top five steamiest Blaze sex scenes. So without further ado, here’s my list, some older some newer but all smokin’ hot:

5.         Lori Borrill, Private Confessions

Co-workers Trisha Bain and Logan Moore have been having hot and heavy – but anonymous – computer chats through a dating website. When they finally reveal their identities and start acting out their online fantasies, man, is it explosive.

4.         Sara Jane Stone, Command Control

A little light bondage never hurt anyone, right? At least not in the erotic books Sadie Bannerman writes. When she meets super sexy U.S. Army Ranger Logan Reed, she gets plenty of inspiration for her new novel – and he’s more than willing to submit to her every command, even if it means letting her tie him to the bedposts.

3.         Samantha Hunter, About Last Night

Is there anything naughtier than the chance of getting caught “doing it?” How about getting caught in your office? That’s the set-up for one sizzling scene between professor Colin Jacobs and his long-time friend turned lover Miranda Carter. Add to it the fact that he’s got selective amnesia and thinks they’ve had sex before and she knows they haven’t but lets him believe they have because she wants him oh, so bad, and you’ve got the makings of one daring, dirty deed.

2.         Tawny Weber, A Seal’s Surrender

All of Tawny’s SEAL books are scorching, but if I had to pick one scene for this list (and I do) I’d have to go with Cade and Eden’s smexy times cliff side in A Seal’s Surrender. Not only does it have the whole outdoor danger element going for it, it may be one of the longest sex scenes on record, spanning two full chapters. That’s a lot of gettin’ it on.

1.         Leslie Kelly, Overexposed

A former Marine. A pastry chef who moonlights as a stripper. A delivery van. A cannoli. Need I say more?

Blaze books are known for their high heat, so there’s plenty more sexy scenes to choose from… what are your favourites?

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