Becky Wicks: Enticed by Her Island Billionaire

Becky Wicks: Enticed by Her Island Billionaire

We caught up with Medical romance author Becky Wicks to reminisce about going on holiday and chat about her new book, Enticed by Her Island Billionaire.


Fresh coconuts plucked from palm trees. The sweet smell of sunscreen on the breeze. Iridescent waters teaming with turtles, and sexy scuba divers speeding into the sunset – what is not to love about an Indonesian island?

Welcome to the fictional island of Gili Indah, the setting for my newest Medical romance, Enticed by Her Island Billionaire. I say fictional, but in my head, the whole time I was writing it I was back walking the sandy shores and swinging in the hammocks of Gili Trawangan and Gili Air – two magical islands off the coast of Bali.

I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time on these islands a lifetime ago, when I took my remote working gigs to the most remote places I could find. (Remember those days, when we could travel further than the Co-op for a can of beans?!) I always thought it would make a great setting for a love story.

When it came to scribbling Enticed by Her Island Billionaire, I drew from the most romantic island experiences I saw happening all around me, and some of the drama too. I saw plenty of people get hit by speeding horses, or get stuck out in unexpected rainstorms.

There’s an abundance of stray dogs in Bali, which you’ll meet in the book, although in reality, it’s cats who have free rein of the islands. You can’t eat a beachside BBQ there without a kitten curling round your ankles, purring in desire of your king prawn platter.

It was pretty easy to imagine how our heroine Mila might feel, seeing her sexy surgeon out of his scrubs and zipped into a dripping wetsuit. I might have drawn that particular character trait in our hero Sebastian from a little fling I had with a scuba diver when I was there (ahem).

Meet Dr Sebastian Becker, a plastic surgeon from Chicago whose life was tuned upside down by his family’s involvement in a reality television show. Shunning fame in favour of a quiet life in the warm ocean breeze, he’s opened the MAC (Medical Arts Centre), where he practices a revolutionary scar treatment on wealthy clients.

Enter Mila Ricci, an ex Army nurse who lost her identical twin in a tragic accident she still can’t get over. She figures some time in the sun won’t hurt her broken heart any more, plus she gets to learn from Sebastian Becker.

She’s expecting a stuck up TV star, but in reality he’s actually really nice. Shame he thinks she’s someone else, when they first meet. Someone she really doesn’t want to be mistaken for, by the guy she’s falling in love with.

Did I mention he’s a scuba diver, as well as a billionaire surgeon? Be still that beating heart.

It might be a teeny tiny island, but there are more than a few obstacles in Mila and Sebastian’s path to happy ever after. The two must learn to leave their pasts at the door in order to ride off into that island sunset together. I really hope you love the journey!


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