Susan Meier explores the beauty of makeover stories and why we love them!

Susan Meier explores the beauty of makeover stories and why we love them!

Getting glammed up

The Romance Writers of America conference is now a pleasant memory, but I still have ALL the clothes I bought to wear there! No matter where I go for the rest of the summer I will sparkle and shine! I’ve got shoes. I’ve got dresses. Capris for the warm summer nights and tops that can be worn to class up jeans or worn with dress slacks for church. I am set.

Secretly I think sometimes that I go to conferences just so I have an excuse to refresh my wardrobe!

I shop for months beforehand, taking the location into consideration and give myself a budget. And of course, I always make sure I have shoes and purses and jewellery that make every darned thing I wear pop. I might not be as young as Ariana Grande, but if I bargain shop I can dress as well as Ivanka Trump. I just don’t have her flat tummy…but I’m working on it.

I like to be my absolute best at a conference because looking good isn’t just a pride thing for most women. It’s a statement of who we are.

Makeover Stories: The Boss’s Fake Fiancée

I think that’s why I’m always drawn to makeover stories. In all those stories, my heroine shops, changes her look, almost becomes a new person…or maybe better said, the person she’s always seen herself to be. And there’s a real joy in being part of that, even for a fictional person!

The makeover for Lila, heroine in The Boss’s Fake Fiancée was simple. Short and thin, but curvy, she had very clear styles that would flatter her figure. Skyscraper heels were not a problem. And her abundant hair made it easy to find a new do. She was thrilled to get the chance to finally let her real self shine.

And that’s when I saw it.

Her makeover was easy because she had very obvious assets, but also because her job as an assistant had kind of stifled her.

Which is the genius of a makeover story like The Boss’s Fake Fiancée. Once a person is allowed (and has the money to) dress as she really sees herself, her personality pops. Lila had loved Mitch Ochoa from the first day she’d gone to work for him, but as his assistant she wasn’t anywhere near in his league.

As his fake fiancé, in the kind of clothes she loved, allowed to flirt and talk? Wow, the sky was her limit. She got a real chance to see if she could win the love of the man she’d wanted forever.

Happy sigh.

Oozing confidence

So, you may not agree with me that I need tons of conference clothes, but I think if you’d see them you’d change your mind… Everybody needs a chance to sparkle a bit every once in awhile. And I’m not talking about bling. I’m talking about the sparkle we get when we feel really good about who we are.

Is there something that makes you feel wonderful? A dress? A special pair of shoes? A favorite necklace?

Clothes might not make the woman, but they can sure as heck pump up our confidence.

Just ask Lila. Sometimes a little confidence is all you need to step into your dreams!

By the way, I’m not kidding about the clothes. I’d love to hear about your confidence-builders.