Backstabbing. Betrayal. Scandal. What are families for?

Backstabbing. Betrayal. Scandal. What are families for?

We’re so excited for you all to get as addicted as we are to Secrets of the A-List series! Our wonderful friends in Harlequin are just as excited as we are and the lovely Susan Litman is here to tell you why you should join us and enter the world of the Marshall family…

Do you remember your first major TV cliffhanger?

Who shot JR?, on Dallas, famously parodied on The Simpsons. The famous Moldavian wedding massacre on Dynasty. Charlie asking the group, “Guys—where are we?” at the end of the series premiere of Lost. Madeline Stowe stepping into the jet that’s rigged to explode on Revenge. And, of course, Ross saying “I take thee, Rachel”—at his wedding to Emily!—on Friends!

Let’s face it, there are just so many exciting moments to choose from, it is almost impossible to pick a favourite. Because all these great shows kept us coming back for more, with juicy characters and exciting storylines that enticed us, week after week. Even now, as we all get into binge-watching new dramas on Netflix (Glow, anyone?), we’re seeking those OHMYGOD! moments as often and as fast as we can get them—just Google “most tweeted moments on Empire” and you’ll see how engaged we are with these fascinating characters. Even those great beach reads by Jackie Collins and Judith Krantz used to captivate us for hours on end. Those books should have come with a high SPF label, because you were sure to stay on the sand as late as possible to get to the end of Scruples or Lovers & Gamblers!

So, if you just cannot get enough of glitz-and-glam characters and those OMG moments, we’re thrilled to introduce you to Secrets of the A-List, a brand-new scandalous, sexy serial featuring the prestigious Marshall family. They are wealthy and powerful, with the designer clothes we all wish we could wear and the expensive cars we’d just love to take out for a test run. When patriarch Harrison Marshall meets with a near-fatal accident, his wife, Mariella, and their children are thrown into turmoil. But the fight for control of Marshall Inc. is child’s play compared with the struggle to keep a lid on the family secrets that threaten to explode at every turn—and possibly destroy the family for good.

Worse yet is the discovery that there may be a traitor within the family, working against each and every one of them.

Can anyone be trusted? With a massive fortune and the family’s reputation at stake, before long the Marshalls are forced into their most high-stakes gamble ever—against each other! And there can be only one winner…

Join us, won’t you, and read along as the Marshalls circle the wagons, betray, backstab, fall in love—ah, but will it be with the right person?—and throw a party or two and perhaps even a few punches. And always, but always, look fabulous doing it. Because remember, darling, you never know who might be watching…

by Susan Litman, Editor of the Secrets of the A-List serial 

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