Author of the Month: Cathy Williams

Author of the Month: Cathy Williams

When I started thinking about the plot for my next book, Bound by the Billionaire’s Baby, what came to mind was one of those very common dilemmas of this world we currently live in. The dilemma of the girl who meets a boy online only to discover that the man (who is supposed to be) of her dreams turns out to be someone she needs to run away from at top speed!

And this is how my latest story opens because no sooner has Susie Sadler spied her date sitting at the bar than she knows that seeing a profile picture on a computer can sometimes bear no resemblance to the real life version who shows up to meet you for dinner.

I thought it would be lovely if, in a twist of fate, she flees straight into the arms of her very own Prince Charming…not that she knows it at the time!

It was incredibly good fun to write this book. I really enjoyed the thought that sometimes the perfect guy can be sitting just a few tables away from where you are, waiting for the fates to bring you both together. I also liked playing with the idea that whilst someone might tick all the boxes on paper, it’s really only when you throw the checklist away that you open yourself up to the person who is really meant for you!

I hope this book brings a smile to your face when you read it and makes you think how full of possibilities life is and how surprising things can lie just round the corner, ready and waiting to jump out at you when you least expect it!

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