Bella Frances’ new romance book duet

Bella Frances’ new romance book duet

I’m so thrilled to be able to give you a little bit of background to my Claimed by a Billionaire Modern romance book duet featuring two of my hottest heroes: Dante and Marco, school friends, business partners and… polo players!


Think polo, think Argentina!  The precursor to the duet, The Playboy of Argentina, provided such a rich and glamorous backstory and when the hero’s brother danced onto the page as Dante, I knew I had to tell his story in what became The Argentinian’s Virgin Conquest.  Charismatic and charming. That sums up most playboys, but this one has a dark secret and commitment phobia as big as the country he’s from.  So, isn’t it typical that the only woman who can bring him to his knees is a woman with no interest whatsoever in polo and parties?  Lady Lucie wants to be left as far out of the limelight as the darkest shadows will allow.  And who can blame her?  With a playboy for a father and an attention-seeking aristocratic mother, Lucie might have blue blood and cut glass vowels, but she also has her own crosses to bear.  They’ve each met their match and passions do run high.  It’s Mills & Boon Modern romance book —there’s no other way to be!

Everybody’s hero

Every time I write a romance book, at some point the hero or heroine for the next story will make themselves known to me. It wasn’t until the very last scene in The Argentinian’s Virgin Conquest that I became properly introduced to Marco, Dante’s friend and business partner.  Marco is one of life’s winners.  He’s not just my hero or your hero—he’s everybody’s hero!  Marco had the silver spoon upbringing, but also had the good grace to lose it all and make us love him all the more for having to crawl his way out of the gutter.  But who makes him crawl over hot coals?  His one true love, Stacey.

Love re-united

The Italian’s Vengeful Seduction is the second of the duet. I had never written a love re-united story.  And I had never written such a feisty but vulnerable heroine. She’s the original girl-gone-bad, but she’s not half as hard as she makes herself out to be. Underneath it all she is a true romantic. Especially when it comes to Marco, who of course, is the only one who can see it.

I must admit that I couldn’t imagine writing a wimpy woman. And the next feisty heroine that appeared in The Italian’s Vengeful Seduction, begging for her story to be written, was Coral. I’ve just sent her story off to my editor and can’t wait to hear what she thinks.  Hopefully I’ll be able to tell you the title of that story and its release date soon. Fingers crossed and happy reading everyone!


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