Are you #TemptedToWrite?

Are you #TemptedToWrite?

Welcome to our Modern Tempted writing competition, #TemptedToWrite. 10 questions. 10,000 words. 1 winner.

We will be asking daily questions for ten days on our #TemptedToWrite Facebook app, designed to get people thinking about their characters, conflicts and plot. Each day, we will choose our favourite answer, and every winner will receive lovely Modern Tempted books as a prize.

The competition will run from 20th January to 31st January. At the end of the ten days, we will invite entrants to write a short story (10,000 words max) based on the questions and answers, to be submitted by 10th February. The winner will be published on our website on Valentine’s Day, and also receive an editorial mentor in the form of the lovely Clio.

To join the competition, click here now to visit the app

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