Anouska Knight on the Virtual Romance Festival

Anouska Knight on the Virtual Romance Festival

This weekend, something very exciting is happening for lovers of romance everywhere. Several publishers are joining forces to bring you the world’s first ever Virtual Romance Festival on June 7th and 8th. There will be Twitter chats, Google Hangouts and other online activities throughout the weekend featuring your favourite romance authors.

Whether you are a fan or a writer, or both, it’s free to attend by registering here.

The divine Anouska Knight, author of A Part of Me, told us why she’s thrilled be taking part and why you should be there too!

When someone asks me, at 7 months’ pregnant with hellbat #3, to take part in anything that requires a kid-free environment and witty banter with other adults, all offered up alongside a merciful pardon from shaving the legs I haven’t been able to fully see for the last two months, well, HELL! I’m about ready to cry with gratitude!

I’m absolutely thrilled to be attending  the Virtual Romance Festival on June 7th-8th – a whole weekend immersed in an orgy of interaction with lots of fellow appreciators of romance – authors and readers alike – all with their own flavour, all coming together to share snippets of insight and advice on this wonderful arena we all get to play in.

And the best part?

Aside from the hubster (and hellbats #1 and #2) leaving me alone to indulge in this marvellous weekend of, ahem, work?


So, I’ll be getting a chance to mingle, laugh and learn with the best in the world of romance, without even having to leave my laptop!

Happy days!

And, do you have any special requirements for the green room Ms Knight?

Well I don’t know about you lot, but  I’ll defo be rocking a couple of diva requests before I settle in for the Virtual Romance Festival.

I’ve had a blooming brillopads year, and if Mariah and GaGa can, well…

So, aside from my trusty laptop, I’m afraid I’m going to be needing two rather crucial provisions for June 7th…

De-seeded grapes? A silver urn brimming with only green peanut M&Ms? Volcanic mineral water served just above freezing point? Nah.

My diva requests are thus.

1)Biscuits. Any will do really, quantity not necessarily quality.
2)Comfy clothes. With a very high Lycra content. To accommodate diva request 1, obvs.

But that’s enough about me and my expanding waistline, what will your diva requests be, folks? What’s going to get you geared up for a festival of Romance from the comfort of your own place? Your fave nibbles? A onesie to chill out in? Killer heels to get your sassiness on? Let’s hear your diva demands! Just one thing, if they’re biscuits you need, bring your own. I’m not sharing…

Tell us Anouska…why oh why  we should  sign up here for the Romance Event of the summer?

If you haven’t already booked on to attend the upcoming Virtual Romance Festival June 7th-8th, why the Dickens not?!
You’ll get to hang out with other members of the romance community, fellow reading enthusiasts plus authors from several publishing houses across the UK and US, all from the comfort of your own home!
There’ll be interviews, videos, behind-the-scenes author insights for the fans out there, giveaways… and then for the writers amongst us, plenty of advice and support for both aspiring and established romance authors. Hoorah!

And just to sweeten the deal even further, it’s all absolutely free!

Just head on over and register your interest, and we’ll see you there!