Ann McIntosh and Annie Claydon on ‘Found Families’

Ann McIntosh and Annie Claydon on ‘Found Families’

We’re joined by Mills & Boon Medical authors Ann McIntosh and Annie Claydon who talk about their new Miracle Medics duet which features the secret romance and exes reunite tropes.


Ann McIntosh

I have to say, this was one of the most enjoyable projects I’ve worked on, in no small part because of my duet partner, Annie Claydon. A theme central to many of my books is the idea of ‘found family.’ People who enter your life, usually unexpectedly, and somehow fit right in. Incredibly, that’s how I felt as Annie and I worked together. That I’d found someone who actually understood me, and we were on a similar wavelength.

And that theme—family found—is very much a part of my book. The heroes, father David and son Josh, are bonded not by blood, but by love. There are familial bonds that are in need of mending too, for both David and heroine Val. Neither are prepared for the impact of having someone new enter their lives and, implausibly, fill a void neither would admit existed!

Around it all—the classic car rally that brings our characters together, the joys and pains of transplantation medicine—circle not just our couples, but also the people they love most. Like the fabulous Cerise, entertainer extraordinaire, mother of my hero, and grandmother of Annie’s. She deserves a book of her own, but since her golden age was in the 60’s, I’m afraid she’ll have to remain an alluring mystery to us all!

Take parents, children, friends. Mix with dedication, passion and, most importantly, love. That’s the recipe for family found—and for Miracle Medics!


Annie Claydon

One of the (many) things I enjoyed about writing with Ann was the way that our two books are so closely linked. As ideas flew back and forth, we laughed a lot and found our own personal common ground. It was a journey that makes this duet very special to me.

A charity classic car rally that travels to a different town each day fitted perfectly with the central theme of my book – moving on. While Ann chose a luxurious 1930’s Daimler for her hero, my choice was less comfortable for my hero Josh and heroine Emma. What could be more excruciating for squabbling ex-partners, than being squashed together in a red 1960’s mini?

We mapped our route carefully and Ann’s husband helped out with car-rallying details – it’s always a bonus to have an expert on the team! We decided that our characters would wear costumes that matched the era of their cars and choosing Emma’s 1960’s outfits was enormous fun.

And Cerise… This glamorous family matriarch developed a life of her own – telling me she would definitely be singing her 1960’s hit song ‘Love in Pink’ at the rally’s wrap party. I’m sure she did that on purpose, to give her beloved grandson an opportunity to catch Emma in his arms for a dance.

Part of moving on successfully is the ability to recognise that you’ve reached your destination, and that’s something that Josh and Emma have to confront too. Our Miracle Medics have travelled a long way. And now it’s time for them to find their homes.


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