And the #HotelScandal Twitter Pitch winners are…

And the #HotelScandal Twitter Pitch winners are…

Well Ladies (and a few gents too!!), we asked you to show us what you’ve got, and you certainly did! What an impressive day of tweets and pitches!

We had conscious and unconscious coupling, Adam Brightman buckling under a cup cake tower, fur flying as cat burglars invaded The Chatfield, naughty yogis getting it on, bachelors, bad boys, ex-navy SEALS, rock stars, adventurers, feisty heroines, school teachers, PAs and actresses, so many wonderful characters getting hot and bothered at The Chatsfield hotels across Dubai, Venice, and Las Vegas! We even had Taylor Swift!  

All through the day the M&B ladies were loving, laughing and *favouriting* with delight, utterly impressed by the amazingly creative calibre of every single tweet.

It is safe to say that judging this competition was both the most fun – and dangerous – thing we have ever done. I’m not saying that there was an actual show down, but with such fierce competition, our favourites were passionately championed.

In fact, it was so impossible to pick just three winning entries… we didn’t! We have chosen FIVE winning pitches to write up their tweet as a short story of up to 10,000 words that includes Chatsfield flavour to support their fabulous tales.

The wining entries are:


But the #HotelScandal fun doesn’t end here! The five short stories will be posted here on the Mills and Boon website on February 27th so that YOU have your chance to cast your vote! So watch for these scandalous tales and comment/tweet/share your favourite!

Voting will be open from February 27th to the 29th and the top three winners will be announced on the Socialise blog on March 3rd.

Along with our five winning entries, there were also six entries that grabbed our attention and wouldn’t let go, so here are our fabulous Honourable Mentions!


See you all on the 27th for even more #HotelScandal fun!!