An introduction to the Mills & Boon Historical series

An introduction to the Mills & Boon Historical series

What is Mills & Boon Historical?

Calling all fans of Bridgerton, The Tudors, Vikings and Downton Abbey! The Mills & Boon Historical series is perfect for anyone wanting a never-ending supply of historical romantic fiction. You’ll find richly textured, emotionally intense novels set across a wide range of historical periods—from ancient civilisations all the way up to the 1950s! Whatever the time-period, the strong and dynamic heroes and heroines are at the heart of all our Mills & Boon Historical romances. Their emotional and dramatic journeys to their happily ever after will have you hooked from the beginning. You’ll find a range of sensuality levels in this series, so whether you’re looking for the tingling sensation you experience when a wet-shirted Mr Darcy rises from the lake, or the explicit bedroom romps of Tudor times, there’s something for everyone!

What are popular tropes in our Historical series?

Featured in Mills & Boon Historical…you’ll find Regency rakes with wicked glints in their eyes, muscled warriors brandishing swords, and gorgeous kilted Highlanders. Our heroines range from spirited Viking shield-maidens, to scarred reclusive spinsters, and capable penniless governesses. We have spies in royal courts, Roman gladiators, and even Egyptian servants trapped in pyramids.

With 6 new books released every month, there’s always something new to escape with!

Find out more about our latest releases…

The Laird’s Runaway Wife by Sarah Mallory

When newly married, their life had been full of joy but tragedy has struck, and Grant Rathmore’s wife has run away to her father – a dangerous Jacobite sympathiser. Fearful for Madeline’s life, Grant finds her at a London ball looking more beautiful than ever and dancing without a care in the world. Now Grant vows to do whatever it takes to keep her safe…

The Viking She Would Have Married by Lucy Morris

With her family fallen on hard times, Valda’s forced to join the crew on Halfdan Ulfsson’s merchant ship as he sets sail on the treacherous silk route. But this handsome jarl’s son is the man she’d planned to wed until his bitter betrayal. Knowing she can never trust him, she must focus on saving her sisters…and not the intense connection that still burns between them!

A Defiant Maiden’s Knight by Melissa Oliver

Joan Lovent may be losing her sight but she refuses to lose her independence too. So, when Sir Warin of Talmont tells her it’s too perilous to be out alone in the city, she doesn’t pay him any heed. But with threats surrounding them, she begins to value his protection, and helps with his dangerous work in return. If only the powerful connection between them wasn’t so impossible to ignore!

The Shopgirl’s Forbidden Love by Jenni Fletcher

Belles biscuit shop is more like a home than a place of work for Nancy MacQueen. The shared attraction between her and James Redbourne, the handsome owner of a nearby store, has been simmering for years, but she’s refused to trust his feelings for her. After all, they’re not remotely in the same social class. Until, one day, Nancy can no longer deny her love – only to find he’s become engaged to someone else!

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This is an excellent introduction if you’re still deciding whether or not this series suits your reading tastes.

It Started at a House Party by Marguerite Kaye

When Guy Minard agrees to attend an exclusive house party, it is with huge reluctance. He might be one of Victorian society’s most eligible bachelors, but he knows a political marriage is in his future—yet the idea of marrying for anything other than love fills him with gloom. Luckily, on his arrival, he is immediately distracted by unconventional lady photographer Esme Thomson! She has been hired to capture the glamour and luxury of the party from behind the scenes, but one chance meeting is all it takes for Guy’s heart to be held captive!

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