An extract from Falling For Her Reluctant Sheikh

An extract from Falling For Her Reluctant Sheikh

Don’t read this extract from Amalie Berlin’s Falling For Her Reluctant Sheikh if you’re wearing a lot of clothing. You’re about to get very hot.

Something brushed the side of her neck and awareness shot through her. It was an accident. Someone just out of the throes of a nightmare wouldn’t be kissing…

His head moved, his mouth glided up her neck with feather-light brushes to that hollow beneath her ear. Then something hot and wet… His tongue.

Adalyn’s heart surged into a dizzying pace and her lungs, only just recovered, sped up in concert. She opened her mouth to say something, but all that came out was a breathy stutter, all sounds and no pattern. Thoughtless sounds.

Khalil took the sound as a request, and soon his mouth was on hers, hot and vibrant, firm and needing. Strong, despite that terrible wound he carried.

He wanted her, and it felt right. It felt fierce and free and absolutely necessary if she wanted to maintain her sanity. She’d heard that hormones could make people stupid. And she didn’t care. She was going to do something stupid, and it felt brilliant.

She felt him lean off her, the darkness of his bedroom so complete that she couldn’t even see his outline.

She rose to her knees and felt his face as his strong arms came around her hips, clamping her to his chest as he rose. Even in the dark, even after his lips once more found hers, he managed to get them onto the bed. She felt the softness give beneath her as his firm heat pressed her down.

One of his hands, strong and just slightly roughened by his labors in the desert, slid under her shirt and up over her ribs. It started as a tickle that made her smile into his kisses, but ended in a full-mouthed moan as he dipped beneath her bra and stroked over her puckering nipple.

“I can’t see you.” He whispered the words against her lips. “If you want me to stop, you’re going to have to say something out loud.”

Adalyn shook her head and then managed to get some words out. “Don’t stop.” That’s all she could manage. He leaned away and before she knew what was even happening in the dark he’d dragged her slacks and panties off. She ripped off her top and the bra beneath, and by the time he’d leaned back into her on the bed she could feel the length of him down her body, and everywhere they touched her body bloomed with sensation.

It seemed he touched her everywhere, his hands, his mouth, and she felt the nip of his teeth over her hip.

As his lips and tongue passed over her thigh he murmured something in his own tongue. She didn’t understand, the only thing she picked up on was the sensuality weighting the word.

“Come back…” she whispered, blindly groping for his shoulders to urge him back up over her. He settled between her legs and she slid her hands to his hips to pull him against her, certain that if he didn’t take her soon, the ache that had steadily grown since the very first touch of his lips days ago might consume her.

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