An extract from Enticing Benedict Cole

An extract from Enticing Benedict Cole

Eliza Redgold’s ‘Enticing Benedict Cole’ is so hot there are practically fireworks sparking off the pages. Perfect for this cold, November week, wouldn’t you say? Here’s an excerpt. 

His eyebrows knit together as he scowled at the paper in front of him. ‘It’s not that. I have the angle right, but I need—’

‘What is it?’

Impatiently he ran his fingers through his hair. ‘Your determined chin, Miss Ashe. I’m afraid it leads to your neck.’

Her hands flew upwards. ‘I don’t understand.’

‘I told you I won’t merely be painting your face. I’ll also be painting part of your body. I did make that clear.’

Cameo’s heart raced. Of course she understood what he’d said to her, but she hadn’t considered which parts of her body needed to be revealed.

‘I expected that, Mr Cole,’ she forced herself to reply with feigned unconcern. ‘What exactly is it you ask of me now?’

He pointed to her blue gown. ‘Unbutton the collar of your dress.’

A gulp of air rose up from her lungs. It was no more than she revealed in a dinner gown or a ball dress. In such evening attire her neck, even her shoulders and décolletage were bare. Yet her fingers became clumsy as she reached for the tiny buttons that held the collar tight, her heart beating so loudly he surely heard it.

She undid the top button. He made no sign to stop her. She undid the second. She ought to feel shy with her throat bare in front of him, yet she didn’t at all.

‘Is—is that enough?’


Cameo undid the third button.

His eyes darkened with an unidentifiable emotion. ‘Wait.’ 


‘Benedict.’ She pressed herself almost wantonly against him.

He groaned. In a single movement he picked her up and carried her to his bed. She imprinted her lips on his warm neck, hearing him release another deep groan as he laid her against the pillows.

Benedict’s eyes turned black with desire as he leaned over her. ‘Are you sure?’

His index finger swept the tip of her breast, hardening it through the cotton.

Cameo’s stomach contracted, low down. She knew her eyes must be giving him the same message. Her decision had been made, watching him paint. ‘Yes. I’m sure.’

Surprising her into a gasp, his hands searched underneath her petticoat, sliding her drawers down over her legs in a swift, taut movement. Casting them aside, he studied her, the rippling effect on her skin even more powerful than his touch. ‘I’ve longed to see you like this.’

‘And like this?’ Cameo didn’t pause. Momentarily her chemise formed a veil between them as she lifted it over her head. With only the slightest sense of shyness she fell naked against the cotton sheets.

Still holding her captive with his scrutiny, he sent the dress sailing away across the wooden floor, to float into a white cloud across the floorboards.

His gaze lingered over her bare skin.

Silence shivered between them.

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