An extract from Bought For Her Innocence

An extract from Bought For Her Innocence

Bought for her Innocence by Tara Pammi is definitely getting us hot and bothered over here. Forget the fireworks going off outside – they’re far brighter in here…


“Dmitri…” she whispered against his bristly jaw.

The trailing heat of her mouth against his neck made his throat dry. He pulled her up again, afraid that he would ravage her if she so much as kissed his skin…

Then she said it again, his name.

It fell from her mouth like a warm caress, an entreaty and command all wrapped in one…hearing his name on her lips did what the little will he had over his body couldn’t…it calmed him down, called him down from the edge.

“Keep saying my name like that,” he commanded, looking for a hook, or a zipper, something that would reveal her to him.

Her arms around his nape, her mouth against his, “Dmitri,” she complied.

Too impatient now to think straight, he caught the crisscrossing strips of the golden silk and pushed it down her shoulders. Not before running the back of his hands over the hard nipples visible through the silk.

She made a sound, like a throaty purr, at the back of her throat, her gaze unabashedly meeting his. The liquid longing he saw there threatened to undo him.

The dress slithered down her breasts and hips with a silky whisper and pooled around her legs.

Dmitri stepped back, the better to see her, his breath knocking about in his throat. And almost lost it then.

It felt like he had waited forever to see Jasmine like this and hadn’t even known it.

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