A Woman’s Most Erogenous Zone by Leslie Kelly

A Woman’s Most Erogenous Zone by Leslie Kelly

New York Times Bestselling author, Leslie Kelly writes sexy romances and dark romantic thrillers. Since the publication of her first book in 1999, she has gone on to pen more than forty sassy, sexy romances for Harlequin. Here Leslie tells us why the brain is her most erogenous zone…

Ask most men to define a woman’s most erogenous zone and you’ll probably get a laundry list of body parts. There’s no doubt a lot of them belong on that list. But it’s also true that only the wisest men will include what I think is a woman’s prime hot spot: her brain.

Women are imaginative beings. That’s one reason romance novels are so popular. We can read a story, immerse ourselves in it, become the heroine and experience all she is experiencing…the emotional, and the physical.

Who among us hasn’t envisioned running into Hugh Jackman, touching him, getting a flash of that incredible smile, seeing the sparkle in those eyes as he flirts…wait, sorry, I digress. That particular fantasy has actually happened to me. I met Hugh many years ago. I shook his hand, he gave me that smile, he flirted with me. Afterward, my hubby (being the perceptive man he is) offered to leave me alone for a while with the memory (and the hand Hugh had shaken.) 

See, my husband gets it. He knows if he wants to get me in the mood physically, he needs to start with my mind. That’s why I get flirtatious, sexy texts or emails from him throughout the day. That’s why, on occasion, he walks through the door at night carrying a bouquet of flowers bought from a roadside stand. Not because it’s an anniversary or a special occasion, but because he wants me to know he’s been thinking about me, knowing that’s a turn-on. He  just hands me the bouquet, kisses me, tells me I’m beautiful and asks what’s for dinner. He’s saying dinner—my mind is thinking: romance! 

It’s a lucky woman who has a man who knows what a woman wants…and I don’t just mean physically. 

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