5 Reasons Why Reading is Good For You

5 Reasons Why Reading is Good For You

In our recent website poll, 86% of you said that your favourite way to relax is to curl up with a book. Well, this just goes to show that you’re our kind of people. We LOVE books here at Paradise Heights and here are 5 reason why books are good for you:

1. Reading increases the blood flow to your brain, which is a good thing. Honest. 

2.  Reading encourages us to think, engage our imaginations and expand our knowledge. Books bring the world into our living rooms. Some studies show that reading makes us more empathetic as we experience life through the eyes of others.

3. Research has shown that encouraging children to read at bedtime makes them feel more secure and helps them get to sleep. Certainly, establishing a regular bedtime routine helps to calm children before sleep and bedtime stories can be a lovely part of this. Additionally, children who read early in life develop better understanding of phonics and language, leading to increased communication and cognitive skills.

4. A study by Mindlab at Sussex University found that reading is an effective way to combat stress. According to the study, participants heart rates and muscle tension reduced within six minutes of starting to read.

5. Reading regularly keeps your brain sharp, right into old age according to research in the journal of Neurology. The research showed that people who engaged in mentally robust activities such as reading throughout their lives experienced a much slower rate of memory loss compared to those who didn’t engage in such things. 

So there you go, five great reasons to never say sorry for taking time out to lose yourself in the wonderful world of books.

Go on, treat yourself to another 🙂